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posted by Dave on Mar 9

This is a pretty Red Orchid that I came across while hiking on the Pu’u Hapapa trail near the Kolekole pass.

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2 Comments to “March 9: Red orchid flower on Puu Hapapa trail”

  1. Orchid Recovery Program Says:

    I’ve been doing researching on orchids, the history behind them and what their place is in today’s culture. That’s how I came randomly across your site. With that said though, I actually found the information on this page to be very useful and will try to use it in my paper. of course I can cite you as source.

  2. Dave Says:

    By all means feel free to use this as a source. I wish you all the best on your orchid recovery program. If you search for the word orchid there are several other photos and descriptions appearing on the blog.

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