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posted by davek on Apr 29

One of the star attractions at the Waikiki Aquariums are the two Hawaii Monk Seals. This one is Ho’ailona (also known by as KP2).  He was abandoned by his mother on Kauai when he was a few days old and taken in by NOAA, who hoped to return him to the wild one day. He was released back into the wild in December 2008 about 7 months later. In the fall of 2009 it was evident he was not acclimating well tot he wild and interacting with humans.  NOAA brought him in again and discovered cataracts in both eyes impaired his vision. It was decided his chance in the wild were not good so he was kept at the University of California Santa Cruz and in November 2011 moved to the Waikiki Aquarium were you can see him and their other monk seal Maka’Onanoa and learn more about these critically endangered species. Only around 1,100 remain in the wild and it is hoped information learned from these monk seals could help with future recovery efforts for the population.

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