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posted by davek on Jun 21

We end our series on the Colombian Navy training Tall Ship ARC Gloria with scenes from their departure from Hawaii. The top photo show the tall ship as it sails past Sand Island on its way out to Guam. You can see the Colombian flag proudly flying and the sailors on standing on top the mast. Below is a closeup taken prior to departure. You may recall from yesterday how high the masts are and seeing the sailors perched atop the mast is just amazing. To show some size on the far right is an observation point on the second floor of Aloha Tower Marketplace. As the boat sailed out the Colombian music played as they sailed away. Of course a photo can’t do that justice so see our ARC Gloria Departure Video.

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  1. Global Hawaii Blog » Blog Archive » 11.18: Looking up Says:

    […] We end our  Mexican Navy Tall Ship Cuauhtemoc series by looking up. I think it is fitting to end a tall ship series by showing off just how tall these ships are. The first shot is an upward look at the sails from board the ship. The bonus photo is a look up at the “crows nest”.  I don’t think you could pay me enough money to climb up there especially while the ship is in motion. That is just wait the sailors do. Unfortunately I was at work when the ship left port with all the sailors standing atop the masts. Maybe next time.  To get an idea here is the shot I took of the Colombian tall ship ARC Gloria leaving port. […]

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