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Archive for April 3rd, 2015

posted by davek on Apr 3

I’ve been to these duck races several time and this is the first time I’ve seen this happen. Maybe it was the partial rain, maybe the tides or maybe rubber duckies have a mind of their own. The ducks were cruising along halfway to the finish line as I was trying to figure out where my duck was as they all look alike. Then they slowed and decided to race backwards.  They started picking up speed and floated back to the bridge as the starting line then under the bridge as they decided to see if they could make a break to the ocean. I have never seem this happen.

They had to put the boats in position and corral the ducks in what was usually used as the finish line. Normally by the finish line there is a place volunteers can walk down to water level and scoop the ducks with nets to be reused next year. This time since the ducks went backwards they had to improvise. Unfortunately I had to leave.. but I’m sure they found a way to get their ducks back. Extra kudos to the volunteers who had to work a few hours extra to retrieve the ducks. I think they randomly drew the prizes. Though my duck didn’t win it was still a great race.

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