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Archive for April 2nd, 2015

posted by davek on Apr 2

The ducks begin their voyage in the 28th Annual Great Hawaiian Rubber Duckie Race. The race is a benefit for the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii.  Cerebral Palsy is a movement disorder that leads to poor coordination, stiff or weak muscles, trouble swallowing or speaking and tremors. Each of the thousands of ducks in the water were “adopted” by people for a $5 suggestion donation. My duck number was 17,500. Various prizes were given out for the ducks that was the fastest and even the slowest.  Though as you’ll see tomorrow.. sometimes the ducks (and tides) have a mind of their own. Please also check out our You Tube Duck Race Video to see thousand of ducks poured into the water at the start of the race.

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