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Archive for August 27th, 2014

posted by davek on Aug 27

I spent a day in Seattle with my teenage nephew and he wanted to see the gum wall so being the good uncle I am we bought us some gum then ventured under the Pike Place market to the Market Theater Gum Wall to add out two cent (er piece of gum). The tradition began in 1993 when patrons of Unexpected Productions’ Seattle Theatresports stuck gum to the wall and placed coins on them. Workers scraped gum away twice and gave up. In 1999 it was deed a tourist attraction. The 2009 Jennifer Aniston film Love Happens has a scene at the wall and a good number of tourists came by while we were there posing for photos and adding gum to the wall.  My @HawaiiBlog Instagram followers experienced a preview of this while I was in Seattle.  Be sure to follow that or the @HawaiiBlog Twitter account for bonus photos.

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