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Archive for August 22nd, 2014

posted by davek on Aug 22

Feeding the seagulls is on many Seattle must do lists. Ivar Haglund opened the city’s first aquarium on Pier 54 and opened a fish and chips place nearby in 1938. Todays Ivar’s has over 30 locations including casual seafood bars, fish bars and even three full service restaurants. After a neighbor put up a “Don’t Feed The Sea Gulls” sign near by he put up his own sign saying “Do not be afraid of overfeeding Seagulls are dainty eaters.”  Today scores of people buy their fish and chips and feed the gulls. Some throw the fries and watch the gulls snatch it up in midair and the brave hold one in their hand as the gulls swoop down and take it from your fingers. Of course I had to try it and its definitely thrilling to have to gull grab the french fry out of your hands.

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