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Archive for August 20th, 2014

posted by davek on Aug 20

A lot of people on the mainland may think of Hawaii people as odd folk. On my vacation I came across a squirrel and raccoon (though they moved to quickly to get a photo) and these geese flying in the famous V formation. I think only people from Hawaii try to take photos of things like that since you just don’t see those things on the islands. The V formation also called a skein is believed to improve the efficiency of the flying birds. We have adapted it on military flight missions to¬† for efficiency and also commonly in airshows (think Blue Angels or Thunderbirds). Back tot he birds… in this formation each bird can reduce the induced drag and increase range. Birds will rotate to spread the fatigue and benefits among the flock. I’m just glad I had the camera out when they flew overhead. Next time maybe I’ll get lucky and take a raccoon photo.

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