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Archive for April 18th, 2013

posted by Dave on Apr 18

To me the one of the great highlight of aquariums are the jellyfish. There are times I think I could just sit in front of the tank for hours watching them swim though the water with their gently moving tentacles. This trip we will focus on the Lagoon Jelly at the Waikiki Aquarium but you can see our prior Sea Jellies or Moon Jellies at the Maui Ocean Center. The Lagoon jelly is found in the Indo-Pacific and instead of a single mouth have several smaller mouth openings combined with its tentacle arms to feed on zoo-plankton. The love sunlight which fuels the growth of symbiotic algae in their tissues giving them a greenish brown color in the wild. Don’t forget to check out our Lagoon Jelly Video to see the jellyfish in motion.

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