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Archive for April 15th, 2013

posted by Dave on Apr 15

On this tax day I though it was fitting to use my photo of the Collector Sea Urchins. Be sure to finish you taxes before the IRS collectors are at your door. I was at the Mauka to Makai Clean Water Expo at the Waikiki Aquarium and will share some photos I took there. At the expo the aquarium released 200 native collector sea urchins donated by the DAR Sea Urchin hatchery. These were  put into the water by volunteers to help control the invasive seaweed which have been overrunning coral. Collector urchins are native to Hawaii, the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea and graze day and night on sea-grasses. They are less abundant then in the past since they are edible and seen as delicacies.

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