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Archive for October 19th, 2010

posted by Dave on Oct 19

Here is a picture of the shave ice served at Kakaako Kool.  A definite bargain they have one size that is $2 and extras like azuki beans and ice cream.  I found the portion to be huge as I could barely finish mine (I did add the ice cream).   It also great that they put it into the plastic holder at no cost (something I call “insurance” at other places since it saves fallen shave ice from being wasted on the ground).  A myriad of flavors are offered including banana, grape, guava, haupia, li hing mui, lychee, organge, mango, melona, rootbeer, strawberry and vanilla.  The ice itself is finely cut and the syrup generous.  Though I think it may be actually a little too sweet for some people.  If you don’t like it too sweet ask them to go easy on the syrup and also add ice cream.

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