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Archive for June 10th, 2010

posted by Dave on Jun 10

In these hot days of summer there is on treat in Hawaii that we all love and that is Shave Ice.  Perfect for after the beach, afternoon snack or just about any other excuse you can make to get one.  Today’s photo is the Hot Cinnamon (yes Thad I’ve found it), Li-Hing Mango, Creme Brulee  Shave Ice from Shimazu Store located in the Kalihi area of Oahu (see Shimazu Store on yelp).  Many consider this the best Shave Ice place in Hawaii but one thing you can be sure of is a hard time deciding what to get as there are over 50 flavors.  Besides the usual flavors and the ones I ordered some other flavors were buttered popcorn, red velvet, red velvet creme, root beer, mojito, chocolate cream pie, haupia, pineapple, chocolate p-nut buttercup and even Durian.  They are located at 330 North School Street (phone (808) 371-8899) and at around $3 makes an awesome snack.

Which leads me to my durian story.  Durian is a fruit with a very strong distinctive (even offensive) odor popular in some Asian countries.  My friend (@lihinggirl) who is familiar with this orders one and it actually came with a confirmation that she was familiar with the fruit and a warning to paraphrase went something like… you may not eat this in or in front of the store, you must eat it all and if you don’t you may not throw it away in a trash can at or near the store.  Needless to say she enjoyed it but was almost banned from going into my car.  Some of us also took her up on a taste offer which somehow stays with you.  That made my hot cinnamon warning that is tastes somewhat like big red and was “spicy” look like child’s play.

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