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Archive for November 19th, 2009

posted by Dave on Nov 19

Just like Flower and her group from Meerkat Manor, the Honolulu Zoo has its own collection of Meerkats.   Meerkats are part of the mongoose family with course hair and a pointed muzzle.  They grow up to 24 inches in length and live the dry open country across Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  They live in burrows which they dig or “steal” from African ground squirrels.  They are highly social and enjoy basking in the sun.  Meerkats are insectivores and feed on insects, mice, eggs, small birds, lizards and snakes.  Meerkats reproduce quickly with a gestation period of 11 weeks  and a liter of 2-4 babies which reach sexual maturity in one year.  The Honolulu Zoo has only male meerkats on display as if a breeding pair escaped the zoo they could quickly wreak havoc in Hawaii ecosystem.


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