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posted by Dave on Aug 4

Only July 29 we joined Bob Mon for his monthly “moonwalk” up the hills of Nu’uanu Valley and to the Labyrinth by Claire Min. To find out a little bit more about what Bob’s Moonwalks are all about please check out this John Hecathorn article in the Star Bulletin at http://starbulletin.com/2006/09/10/news/heckathorn.html.

Claire Min

The first stop was through Claire Min’s Labyrinth which she calls a “simply meditative walk, of setting one foot in front of the other and honoring the journey itself and what it has to teach us.

Labyrinth close up

Labyrinth Center

Journey to the Labyrinth consists of:

  • Opening your mind and your heart
  • The inward journey to let go and empty your mind of thoughts, expectations and judgments so you are open to guidance and insights.
  • Reaching the center where your inner voice of wisdom prevails and you can reflect on life.
  • The outward journey to apply what you learned about yourself.

People walk through Labyrinth
For those that want to find out where future Claire Min Labyrinths will be held you can e-mail her eat cyymin@hawaii.rr.com.

Sunet at Bob's Moonwalk

The moonwalk continued up a steep road and we were treated to a nice sunset and a return to Nuuanu Valley Park where we had some food and saw the moon rise.

Group Shot

For information on future moonwalks you can join Bob’s mailing list at wazupmon@yahoo.com.

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posted by Dave on Aug 1


Hawaii Superferry Alakai Ship

Hawaii SuperFerry Alakai

It seems appropriate that we begin our Global Hawaii Blog with another new beginning. The Hawaii Super Ferry which will be starting neighbor island service on August 28 invited us and over 4,000 eager local Oahu residents to check out their first vessel the Alakai. Here are my thoughts on the ship.

There are two classes standard and lounge (which we will call first class). You can see below the difference in seats:

Alakai Standard Seat        
Standard Seating                                 First Class Seating

The seating arrangements looks almost like an airline but also provides the options to sit on seats with tables which are suitable for meetings or families. Seats do have nice windows though of course the first class area has better windows.

Standard Seating         
Standard Seating                                      First Class Seating

Each section has a lounge area where you can order food and sit at nice tables.

Standard area lounge                               First class lounge

Another nice feature is a little area where kids can watch some TV and also play in a play area.

Finally the big new feature is a spacious area to hold cars. You can drive you car onto the ship and have it and its contents travel with you to the neighbor island and just drive off the ship.

Some final thoughts. The staff and crew appeared well trained and were very nice and informative. Based on what I saw and the duration of the trip if you can afford it an upgrade to the First (lounge) class is money well spent (extra $20 each way). The trip however isn’t that cheap as there is a fuel surcharge. As a sample I priced a Friday - Sunday trip and it was around. Note prices will vary.

  • $470 (first class price $550) for two adults and a standard car.
  • $720 (first class price $880) for family of 4 with standard car.

It takes 3 hours each way and there is one departure per island per day. Please feel free to comment if you have rode the ferry or have any other thoughts or opinions.For booking information go to http://www.hawaiisuperferry.com.

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