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posted by davek on Jan 23

We continue our vacation stroll through the San Francisco Zoo with the Chimpanzee and Grizzly Bear. I got a nice Chimpanzee pose here while he was eating a mango. They have opposable thumbs used for climbing, picking fruits, and catching insects. They are relatives of other great apes (orangutans, gorillas, bonobos and man).  They live in west and central Africa chiefly in ran forests and never very far from trees. Below is one of the zoo’s two female Grizzly Bears. Kachina and Kiona were orphaned as cubs in Montana and arrived at teh zoo in 2004. It is also the official state animal of California. Although they can weigh between 300 to 700 pounds they can run up to 35 miles per hour. Fur colors range from blond to dark brown often with silver tips giving them their “grizzled” look.

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posted by davek on Jan 22

Today we feature the Red Panda and the Koala Bear. Its the first time I have seen either of these animals in person. Red pandas are excellent climbers and have a special bone in their wrist which acts like a thumb and aids in eating bamboo. Despite their name they are more closely related to raccoons than to bears.  When we came upon the Koala it asleep but I still managed to get a decent photo. They are marsupials (pouched animals), with dense wooly fur.They live exclusively in eucalyptus forests in eastern Australia and spend most of their lives in trees, venturing to the ground only to move between trees. Unfortunately this day was too cold so we had to view the Koala in the indoor enclosure through window. If the temperature is over 55 degrees they you may be lucky and see them in the outdoor enclosure munching on eucalyptus leaves.

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posted by davek on Jan 21

Today we begin a short vacation series at the San Francisco Zoo. Personally I love visiting zoos and aquariums and seeing all the animals. We begin with the Bald Eagle which was named the national bird in 1782. They are not actually bald but have white feathers on their head. The Latin name for bald eagle actually means white-headed sea eagle. Below is a bonus photo of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog. They like to pop in an out of burrows to watch for danger, clean house or even play. Hopefully they don’t get too close to the eagles. I really like how this photo turned out.. of course there are a whole bunch of missed photos cause they move pretty quickly.

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